Our Services are designed for people with High Functioning Autism

Life Skills Development for High Functioning Autism

Do you have High Functioning Autism and find dealing with day to day life difficult? Do you want to live independently but need help? We build and run, one-on-one, life skills programs designed just for you. These are practical, result driven, programs that will enable you to achieve your goals.


Kwest Fit

Kwest4Learning offers the only weekly fitness session that caters for people on the High End of the Autism Spectrum

Social Groups for High Functioning Autism

Do you have High Functioning Autism or Aspergers need help coping with social events? Do you need a place to go where you feel safe and included. Do you need help understanding how to connect and interact with other people? Social Kwest is a social group for people on the Autism Spectrum that is supportive and inclusive and enables growth in social skills.


Changing the lives of people with High Functioning Autism and Aspergers

Making a difference

We have an 18yo daughter diagnosed with Aspergers. She has been involved with the social group for several years now and since joining the group all of our lives have been transformed for the better. For the first time in her life our daughter has friends she can relate to and be herself with without any fear of being ridiculed or bullied.


( Parent )

I would ask him why he enjoyed it and he would say because they would listen to what he had to say and they had similar interests in what he would really like. He would also say he knew that we really liked going and chatting to the other parents...


( Parent )

They are learning skills that they can use in day to day situations, and just going to a place, on a Friday night, like a regular teen/adult would, and enjoy a night out, almost like other people their age, is priceless.


( Parent )

Our son has learnt conflict resolution, and other communication techniques whist making friends.


( Parent )

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