My son with Aspergers

How Social Groups change lives for people with High Functioning Autism and Aspergers.


In the 18 months we have been attending the youth group we have noticed a very big change in our son. He has always felt very welcome with such warm hearts.

It has always been a struggle to get him out of the house to go anywhere and we had to think up all sort of stories to get him to go like who would be there or what he could have afterwards. Having a regular event for him to attend with other young people that he got along with seem to suit him very much. With Friday social group he was always reminding us where we all had to be. He was excited about seeing his friends.

I would ask him why he enjoyed it and he would say because they would listen to what he had to say and they had similar interests in what he would really like.  He would also say he knew that we really liked going and chatting to the other parents while he spent the time with the youth leaders Kathleen and Simon and all the young youth.  He enjoyed the discussions especially when organising the calendar of events like ten pin bowling, movies or laserforce.

He was ok with knowing that some youth would get very stressed out because of different sounds, lights, subjects if they were together because he had been with Mum at her work seeing varying degrees of disabilities not cope very well.

He would often say I wonder what things they would do next at youth group.  I as a parent am always impressed by how friendly the youth were to me and other parents. I took this in as great respect.

Cheers Dawn