Life Skills Development for High Functioning Autism

Improving the lives of people on the Autism Spectrum

We run individually tailored life skills programs that will equip you with the skills necessary to reach your full potential in life.

Simon La Rosa has been working with people on the autism spectrum throughout his life, including members of his own family.

Simon’s programs focus on building lifelong independent living skills. Simon coaches you one on one in a hands on practical program that gives you a real sense of success from the first session. This involves working with you in your home and within your community. The range of skills is tailored to your needs. For example, if you want to travel independently then this may include strategies to help you use public transport or even gain the skills to get your drivers license. If you want to go to Tafe or Uni then your program can involve navigating the education system effectively. If you want to become financially independent then the program can be tailored to find a paid job. The possibilities are endless. What are your goals and needs? You can achieve anything you want with the right skills.

Kathleen West has a Masters in Special Education, specialising in Autism.  Kathleen has decades of experience as a Special Education Teacher, as well as having the real life experience of working with family members and students on the autism spectrum. Kathleen’s programs are very effective for you if you have profound sensory processing difficulties. Kathleen has had great success in helping people on the autism spectrum integrate with the broader community and build strong and healthy interactions and connections.

Both Simon and Kathleen are able to translate the world for people with high functioning autism. They both work in conjunction with your Psychologists or Psychiatrists’ to complement their therapies in the practical ways.

Getting Results

Kwest4Learning’s Life Skills Development programs are results driven. You can be assured that the program will be adapted to achieve your goals. We consult with you on the skills you need to reach your goals. We work with you to the timeframes that suit your needs and budget.

Kwest4Learning, provide one on one Education Programs’, specifically designed to help people on the Autism Spectrum.  We can help improve your quality of life, through building skills, developing and adapting strategies that will enable people on the spectrum to cope with life’s daily issues. Personalised sessions are quoted at an hourly rate.

NDIS funding support for Kwest4Learning services.

Kwest4Learnings life Skills Development programs are recognised by the NDIS as capacity building services.

For people with self-managed funding or those who are using a Fund Manager your NDIS funding can be used to cover the cost of your program with Kwest4Learning.

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