Life Skills Training for High Functioning Autism and Aspergers

We run dedicated life skills training programs that empower people and improves the lives of people with High Functioning Autism and Aspergers.

Simon La Rosa has a degree in Law and Business that enables him to assist people with both in legal and business related issues.  He has been working with people on the autism spectrum throughout his life, including family members, friends and work colleagues.

Kathleen West has a Masters in Special Education, specialising in Autism.  Kathleen has years of experience as a Special Education Teacher, as well as having, ongoing relations with people on the autism spectrum, from family members and friends to working within the  industry.

They both are able to analyse and articulate perspectives to assist in helping people on the high end of the Autism Spectrum, along with their families, friends and associates, to come to a better understanding of what is actually being communicated.

Both Simon and Kathleen work in conjunction with the vital role of Psychologists and Psychiatrists’, and aim to increase the understanding given by these health professionals, as well as, assist in the practical application of the therapies they offer.

Kwest4Learning, provide one-on-one Education Programs’, specifically designed to help people on the Autism Spectrum.  We can help improve their quality of life, through building skills, developing and adapting strategies in order for them to cope better with daily life issues.

Personal Mentoring Sessions are offered, one-on-one and sessions are quoted on an hourly rate.

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