New opportunities for Autism Positive People

Kwest4Learning is very excited to announce that our very own Simon La Rosa is a finalist in the Westfield Local Hero Program

I’m thrilled to be representing Kwest4Learning as a finalist in The Westfield Local Heroes Awards!!! Thank you to Caroline Smith for the nomination, and giving Kwest4Learning this chance at a $10,000 prize, your awesome!

If I we win, I will use the prize money to establish AUTREpreneur Enterprises (Entrepreneurs on the AUTISM Spectrum). AUTREpreneur Enterprises will be a hands-on independent life skills program based on building micro-businesses that teach young people on the Autism Spectrum business skills which will transfer into their daily lives, creating confidence and independence.

Your VOTE and SHARE is needed to be able to offer Autism Positive People this incredible opportunity to become independent and self-determined, business owners!!

Please get in your vote in before 1 July! Big thanks to you all, from Simon.

Westfield Chermside Local Hero

I need your VOTE to WIN! Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Visit…/levKRFZx…/local-heroes-voting where all the finalists are listed. You can review the story’s for each finalist (i’m 4th on the list).
Step 2: Then scroll done to the end of the story’s and click “Vote Now”
Step3: Choose QLD
Step 4: Select Westfield Chermside
Step 5: Select your Westfield Local Hero.
**You can only vote once.**

Being Part of the Nundah Community

Kwest4Learning is Loving being part of the Nundah community. Check out our write up on page 15 of the latest edition of Loving Nundah. Our social groups are also mentioned on page 11.

More about Loving Nundah here.

Remember to vote for Simon La Rosa at

Your vote could make it possible for someone on the Autism Spectrum to start their own business with AUTREprenneur Enterprises a new initiative from Kwest4Learning


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April 2, 2017at 5:12 pm

Have you been to one of our groups?