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What’s happening — Autism Positive Social Groups are coming to Sydney’s North Shore

Kwest4Learning Social Groups are for people who are on the Autism spectrum, living with high functioning Autism, and/or Asperger’s Syndrome.

If you have someone in your life who is on the Autism Spectrum then you know what loneliness and isolation is.

What kind of life would they have if it was filled with friendships? What kind of life would you have if you could connect with others, who, like you work tirelessly to meet your loved one’s needs?  Autism impacts they whole family, building friendships makes life better for all of us.

Yes, you have tried to help them make friends but it always ends the same way and you leave knowing that you won’t be invited back. Or your loved one doesn’t want to go back because it was too painful for them. They felt out of place and could not make sense of it all.

Let’s be up front, the last thing they want is to be around a group of people they don’t know, tying to figure out the right things to say and do. So that they don’t stand out as odd or different. It’s easier to stay in their room and work on their Minecraft build, Ark, Pokemon, Mario Kart, or (whatever, game) score. Hey, multi-player’s gaming is social activity, isn’t it?

At Kwest4Learning Social Groups being on the Autism Spectrum is a positive. That’s why we call them Autism Positive Social Groups.

Everyone gets to choose how to engage, they can relax, be themselves, and try out the social communication skills in a safe supported space. Parents and carers get to connect with people who have shared their experiences too.

Whether you’re a carer, supporter or Social Group member, this is your place and your space;

  • a safe space, no judgement, no shame.

  • a safe place, no pressure to behave the way they're supposed to, because we "get it".

  • a safe space, stimming or ticks are okay. 

  • a safe place, no one has to know the right thing to say. They don’t have to say anything at all (unless they want to). 

All the pressure is off. At our Social Groups they’re accepted the way they are.

Kwest4Learning has been running successful Social Groups in South East Queensland for the last 5 years. We are very excited to announce that we are now offering Autism Positive Social Groups on Sydney’s North Shore.

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Announcing Sydney's North Shore Social Groups

Social Groups will run weekly on Wednesday nights

9-14 years session at 6:15-7:15pm

15+ years session at 7:30-9pm

At: Turramurra Seniors Centre / Community Hall

How much: $20 (pay as you go)

If you’re keen to know more, contact Caroline to book your seat at our free parents’/care’s information session: Weds 6th Feb, 7pm

E: (include you mobile number and Caroline will call you back)

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