Preparing for the NDIS – Step 1

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Preparing for the NDIS – Step 1


Preparing for the NDIS is daunting… Where do I start??? What do I need??? I just don’t understand the jargon… I will be regularly posting steps to assist you in preparing for the NDIS… All you need to do is follow and to make a start.


For the past 4 months, I have been working with the families that attend our social groups in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast in preparation for the rollout of the NDIS, which commenced January 1st this year. I would like to share our preparation process and our experiences with you, so as to ensure that you also can put your child’s best case forward, for when you are where we are, in six months time. By no means will this preparation process guarantee that your child will be successful in obtaining any funding, but that by being prepared you will have a better chance of being successful. I have a motto in life, which is the P principle. The P principle is Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance. The NDIS is an opportunity for our young people to get funding for the necessary services and supports that they desperately, that will enable them to be successful in life. This is very different to the many experiences that our parents and families had with DSQ. Even if our families were successful in receiving any assistance, it was generally not suited to our kids on the spectrum.

So, therefore, STEP 1:

Contact DSQ and ensure that your child is registered with DSQ and has been assessed by DSQ as having a disability and eligible for funding. This is very important for those that are Autism level 1 and Aspergers (if diagnosed under DSM-IV and over 16years). As under the operation guidelines, participants with these diagnoses may need to provide further evidence that their functional capacity is substantially impaired due to their disability. I know though when you contact DSQ they are going to say wait until the NDIS. You should say “No” and insist and ensure that you obtain the BIS number (Business Information System Number). For those in the Moreton Bay region and Sunshine Coast come the 1st July all your files with the DSQ will be handed over to the NDIA and the BIS number will follow those documents. Those registered with DSQ will receive letters and phone calls first and with the BIS number the NDIA will have your documents and will see that you have been assessed as eligible for funding.

During this process, I will unload templates and documents that will assist your preparation process. Here is the first form:

Access Request Form NDIS

I look forward to talking with you all again next week, which will be “Fact Finding”.

In the meantime, please leave a comment and let me know if this has inspired you to start preparing any questions that you may have. Also please share with us your experience with DSQ when you rang.


Simon La Rosa


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