Preparing for the NDIS – Step 3

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Preparing for the NDIS – Step 3

Setting up your scanned reports 

Back in Step 2, I suggested that you buy two display books and a USB.

First, create a folder on your USB and label that folder “Reports”. When you scan your reports, you save the scanned reports into that one folder. When you come to save the Report, label it,  Year Month Day – Dr’s name (for example Dr Smith’s report that is dated 1st February 2017 – label the Report 20170201 – Dr Smith). By labeling the reports like this, the computer will automatically save the reports chronologically (in date order)… so when the NDIA rings you to say that, they don’t have Dr Smith’s February report… you will be able to quickly locate it… because you know exactly which folder on your USB you’ve saved the Report in and without opening every report in that folder, you can pinpoint which report it is, by simply reading the label that you have given it… QUICK & EASY!!

Building you child’s profile

To keep things simple, I have created a one page Child Profile… This is just a one-page snapshot of your child… it is not their full story… It is just a sense of who your child is, their challenges, talents and goals. But also a single page document that you can quickly refer to, when you are considering what support or services your child is likely to need based on their challenges.

I have uploaded the Child Profile document on our website (click here) and I have uploaded a Word Document that you can edit (if you don’t have Word, let me know in the comments and I will try to upload additional versions in the Formats that you require).

When you open this document you will see a number of headings. Under these headings, I have listed a number of suggestions. This is where you can add to, remove and amend these suggestions so that the Profile is a reflection of your child.

To personalise this document further, I have provided a space for you to insert a photo of your child. Prompting the Assessor that, that the decisions they are about to make, are going to have a direct impact on the young person looking up at them.

Okay… that’s it??? Please leave a comment… Let me know what you thought of the Child Profile document??? Was it helpful??? Or, what did you add that you feel may help someone else if they also included your addition??

Stay tuned for Step 4.


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