Preparing for the NDIS – Step 2

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Preparing for the NDIS – Step 2

Okay… Hands up those that contacted DSQ this week??? How many times did you have to ring before you got thru?? Was your child registered?? Or is your child being assessed for funding sometime in the future?? And just as importantly, did you get that BIS number (Business Information System Number)??


If you didn’t get a chance last week to call DSQ, that’s ok, as there is still this week… Find that extremely long “To Do List” you have, and write it in… It may be a pain to have to ring DSQ but doing it now will save you a long call with the NDIA in the second half of this year.

Below are the contact details of your regional DSQ offices…


Address: Level 1 12 King Street Caboolture Qld 4510

Postal address: PO Box 1126 Caboolture Qld 4510

Phone: 07 5431 2250

Fax: 07 5431 2283


Address: Level 1 454 Gympie Road Strathpine Qld 4500

Postal address: PO Box 181 Strathpine Qld 4500

Phone: 07 3293 7500

Fax: 07 3384 8261


Address: Level 2 12 First Avenue Maroochydore Qld 4558

Postal address: PO Box 1177 Maroochydore Qld 4558

Phone: 07 5352 7200

Fax: 07 5352 7212

Okay, Step 2: The Fact Finding Mission

Before commencing your fact-finding mission, you first need to get organised… And this is how we are going to do it… buy two display books and a USB.

As you collect reports or generate documents while stepping through this process you will make two (2) copies one for each document for the display folder and you will scan the report or document and save it onto the USB.

Why do this??? Great question… when you meet with the Local Area Coordinator (LAC), you can give them a full and complete set of documents and when you are sitting down in the meeting you can both go thru the documents together. This keeps it all in the order and will keep you focused on the essentials during the interview. The scanned version on your USB is used when the LAC or NDIA call you to say that they never received “such and such” a report. Whilst they are on the phone you can plug your USB into your computer, call up the report, ask for the caller’s email address, and email it to them right there whilst they are on the phone asking for the document. EASY!!! No Excuses now saying they haven’t got a document…

Okay, now you ready to START!!! The documents you are going to hunt for are Reports… The original diagnosis and any current reports (Pshycs, OTs, Speechies, etc). The NDIA want to know how your child is doing now, not last year or the year before, they want to know what’s working and what’s not.

Okay… I have uploaded a Participant Information Sheet on our website, click here to download it. This will help you organise your information… this document will be the first document that you will open up to in your display folders… Oh Yeah!! Write your child’s name on the front cover.

Please leave a comment and let us know how you went with step 2 or if you have any questions. Tell me to, was my Participant Information Sheet useful?

Stay tuned for Step 3

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