My 25 year old with Aspergers

How Social Groups change lives for people with High Functioning Autism and Aspergers.


This letter testifies to Kathleen’s and Simon’s effort in establishing and maintaining a productive, informative and enjoyable weekly social group for both young adults with Aspergers and their parents.

Our son is 25 years of age and has attended the group from its onset. The attendance has blossomed from less than 10 people to I believe around 60 (including parents) – about 30+ young people. They have travelled from sometimes the outskirts of the Brisbane region and maintained regular attendance; as there was nothing available to encourage social skills in a safe environment in the wider community.

Our son has learnt conflict resolution, and other communication techniques whist making friends.

So too have the parent friendships been invaluable in helping us remain positive in an ever changing relationship with our son. Only another parent of a child knows the weight of these challenges and with that being simply acknowledged, then we could establish productive friendships to extend our kids forum for learning.

I know, as an Occupational Therapist myself, that an ongoing support system is invaluable. Often family members outside the inner circle have not the patience or energy to understand. So staff encouragement and other parent input have been very helpful.

We are happy to continue attending the group and see it as having a long lasting benefit as our son matures and becomes more independent.

Kindly yours,

Dave and Sally